Avoid Online Car Buying Scams

car buying scams, used car fraudBuying a used car online has become very popular and this type of purchase can be very convenient especially in terms of selection. However, there are car buying scams that drawback of online used car purchases. Here are some tips to help you avoid car buying scams when you purchase a vehicle online.

Choose Your Own Escrow Service
One of the most common scams happen when the dealer suggests or even demands to use specific escrow service. The escrow service is supposed to be your guarantee when you purchase via Internet. It guarantees that the seller doesn’t take your money and run.

Avoid Any Deal That “Seems too Good to be True”
Common sense is a good way to avoid used car fraud. If you feel that the deal is too good to be true it probably is. Be ready to walk away from the deal otherwise you are risking to get nothing at all.

Research the Escrow Service First
Here are some steps you can use to protect yourself from used car fraud when you are buying online.

• Check with the Secretary of State as well as with the Better Business Bureau for all parties you are going to do business with and make sure the agency is registered and in good standing.
• Check if the website is professional and responsive. Try to send an email with a question or comment regarding the site. Make sure they receive and answer.

Almost always online used car buying experiences are positive and not everyone becomes a victim of a car buying scam. If you want to avoid becoming a victim of used car fraud you should be informed and very careful.



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