Odometer Fraud/ Odometer Tampering: Auto Buyers Cheated

Odometer Fraud/ Odometer Tampering: Auto Buyers Cheated


Odometer fraud continues to be a serious crime and a car buyer fraud issue. This crime allows thousands of cars to be sold (with false odometer reading) every year by milking American vehicle buyers.

Odometer fraud is very popular nowadays, that’s why it’s advisable to check it, before buying a vehicle. However it’s also necessary to mention that it’s very difficult to detect the fraud. In the case of standard odometers the numbers should be aligned evenly. If numbers aren’t aligned evenly on the dashboard, it speaks about a possible odometer tampering.

During this wide spread type of a dealer fraud the odometer is rolled back, modified or reset/replaced but the car consumer doesn’t even suspect that he/she is being cheated.

What the Law Prohibits?

• Replacing, resetting or disconnecting the odometer with intended purpose to change mileage reading
• Operating a vehicle with an odometer that doesn’t function correctly with an intent to defraud the car consumer
• Using, advertising, installing a device that causes an odometer not to register correctly
• Falsifying odometer mileage disclosure statement on purpose
• Not attaching a written notice of odometer replacement on the left window of the vehicle, altering or removing such a notice.
• Issuing a blank odometer mileage disclosure statement
• Conspiring with any other person for odometer fraud


Have you ever been victimized in odometer fraud? If you believe that the odometer of your vehicle has been altered, rolled back, disconnected or the numbers on the odometer dashboard have been misrepresented, or if you know people who have become victims to Odometer tampering then you’ll better call 818-990-0418 for a complimentary consultation.