A few new Car Dealer Scams (part 1)

new car dealer scams

We periodically report about new car dealer scams to help our readers avoid being cheated when buying or leasing a vehicle. In this article, we will discuss a few more dealer tricks that some dealers use  to get extra profit out of a car deal.

  • Sometimes dealers may charge a potential car buyer with a deposit in order to find the vehicle that the purchaser wants to buy. There are, of course, vehicles with high demand and low supply. It is rather hard to find them. So, the dealer uses this opportunity to get extra profit.
  • Another new car dealer scam is the following.you look at the vehicle and see two different window stickers on it. The first sticker is the one provided by the manufacturer and containing the official MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). The other sticker is the so-called ”dealer sticker” that contains a higher amount of money. The thing is that with this sticker the manufacturer tries to get extra money from the purchaser by telling them that it is being charged for installing certain options. However, in reality, no car owner needs those services and accordingly, no purchaser needs to pay for them.
  • Often manufacturers offer several consumer rebates for one and the same model. A car purchaser may not know about these rebates and incentives. This condition is a good chance for some dealers to keep some of the incentives for themselves. So, be careful to get all the incentives offered by the manufacturer.
  • There is always a vehicle in a dealership that has stayed in the dealer lot for a good while. Usually, salespeople are promised certain bonuses for selling such vehicles. Thus, be careful to avoid buying that vehicle which  potential purchasers may have already driven pretty much  taking a test drive.

These are some new car dealer scams and tricks you should try to avoid when shopping for a vehicle. Follow out a blog to get more updates on this topic and similar others.