A few new Car Dealer Scams (part 2)

new car dealer scams

In this article, we will talk about a few more new car dealer scams practiced by some unscrupulous dealers. Knowing about these scams will help you avoid them when purchasing or leasing a vehicle.

One of the most common new car dealer scams is the so-called curbstoning.

 This is a type of vehicle fraud that involves the dealer pretending to be a private seller in order to deceive an unsuspecting car buyer or to avoid federal and state rules concerning selling used vehicles. A dealer may post various advertisements in different websites and local newspapers pretending to be an independent owner selling his/her vehicle. These people usually sell previously damaged and even wrecked vehicles without proper disclosure. This is a good way for them to acquire extra profit from a car deal.


Another car dealer scam  is selling a vehicle that is involved in an open recall campaign.

As you may already know, a manufacturer conducts a recall if it discovers safety-related flaws or defects in certain models. During a recall, no dealership is allowed to sell the vehicles under recall until the fix is carried out. Sometimes, it takes rather long till the automaker produces new materials to replace the defective ones. Some dealerships do not wait to receive those replacement materials. They sell potentially defective vehicles to unsuspecting purchasers. A  good piece of advice for you is to check out whether the vehicle you want to purchase is under a recall or not. You can visit the blog of The Margarian Law Firm for regular updates about the latest safety recalls.


Another common new car dealer scam is the so-called VIN cloning or car cloning. The scam works in the following way: certain people steal a vehicle, then take a fake Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and attach it to the stolen vehicle. Later on, when it turns out that the vehicle you have bought is stolen, it should be returned to the owner. Hence you will be left without nothing.

These are some more new car dealer scams that certain dealers practice. Not all the dealers are dishonest, however. Knowing about these tricks will help you feel more confident when entering a dealership.