odometer fraud

Since the value of a car highly depends on its traveled distance, criminals are using various instruments to roll back the odometer to sell the vehicle at a higher price. Targeted vehicles are mostly new looking leased cars with high mileage.

Since this crime is associated with intelligent organizations developing complicated schemes that are difficult to detect and investigate. It affects not only end users, but also legitimate resellers.

False or Altered Titles

This scheme occurs when a car dealer buys a high mileage vehicle and then resells it with reduced odometer reading. They accomplish it by tampering the high-mileage figure or by obtaining a new automobile title with a false mileage figure before reselling the car. A professional calligrapher can perform excellent title alterations that will be invisible to the naked eye.

Title Laundering

This scheme occurs when papers bought in another country or state replace a wrecked car’s title. A dealer discards the previous title, registers the vehicle in another state with the altered odometer, then reassigns the title back to himself, now having his car registered with the new mileage.

Odometer Clockers

A dealer does minor labor to the car; replaces or changes the noticeable flaws (usually floor mats, gas/brake pedals and tires are replaced), washes, waxes and polishes it. A clicker turns back the odometer with common tools such as screwdrivers, picks, wires, electronic and digital tools. A  good clocker can roll back  cars odometers in a few minutes.

How to Avoid Odometer Fraud?

As you can see odometer rollback schemes can have many faces, so you should be careful enough to detect the scam and avoid it. Following tips will help you to find out whether the odometer shows the true or false mileage.

  • The mileage of the vehicle should correspond to its age. If a car which is 5 years old has less than 60, 000 miles it’s a red flag that the dealer may have reconditioned the odometer.
  • Have a look at the odometer numbers; if  there are spaces between the rows , you’re probably facing an odometer fraud.
  • Tires will help you to detect if the odometer shows true mileage. Find a DOT mark on the tires and read the last four numbers, which show the week and year when they were produced. If odometer shows 20, 000 miles, the original car tires should still be on it.

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