Los Angeles Dealer Fraud

Auto dealer scams are practised by dishonest dealerships all over the United States, Los Angeles is not an exception. Los Angeles dealer fraud comprises several scams which are typical for it. Not all the dealerships are dishonest but there are some which concentrate on cheating people to gain extra money. The only way to avoid auto dealer scams is to be aware of them. Now we will enumerate those auto dealer scams which are part of Los Angeles dealer fraud.

  • When shopping for a car, not depending whether it is a new or a used one, it is advisable to look at various car models and to visit various car dealerships in your area (Los Angeles in this case). By comparing the prices of the same models, their condition and other factors, you will be able to get the best deal. Also, when a dealership knows you are negotiating prices with other dealerships as well, they will try to beat the price offered by others and, actually you will win. However, a car consumer should be really attentive not to become a victim of the so called “best price” scam. Usually, dishonest car dealers sell those cars which have suffered floods or major accidents at rather high prices to seem realistic. And when a car buyer comes to them trying to negotiate the car price, they immediately agree to lower it. To car buyers this seems quite a normal thing, as they do not even suspect that the car they are offered is a total wreck. So, in order to avoid such a scenario of Los Angeles dealer fraud, one should make sure he isn’t “gambling” with negotiations.
  • Among auto dealer scams practiced in Los Angeles, one is sure to come across the so called “add – on” scam. The scenario is this; a dealership sells the car at rather a low price, but instead, offers almost compulsory add-ons like new tires, mats, better interiors and other accessories. At the end, the buyer realizes he had spent more money than he would have spent if there weren’t those add-ons.
  • Trade-in scams are also a part of Los Angeles dealer fraud.
  • One of auto dealer scams is the so called “spam” scam. This is the case when the dealership’s persistent sales managers call you, e-mail you all the time after your last visit to their dealership. They will call or e-mail you every time they have “special offers” or something like that. Some people may give in and go to the dealership. As soon as they are there, the dealers will make them buy the most expensive car, as they are good psychologists and provokers!

Buying a low-quality car can badly affect your health and sometimes even cost your life. So, be attentive. If you feel you are a victim of Los Angeles dealer fraud, call us (The Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian), we are near!

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