Lemon Law Buyback Nondisclosure

Lemon Law Buyback Nondisclosure

To get a better insight into what lemon law buyback nondisclosure is, let’s, first of all, see what is meant by the words “lemon” or a “lemon vehicle”. A new vehicle may be considered a “lemon” if it has severe manufacturing defects that may cause lots of damages, injuries and even deaths. Manufacturing defects may include improper installation of car parts resulting in the appearance of defective airbags, tires, brakes, engines, seatbelts and the rest. If the car possesses any of these defects and it could not be repaired after a reasonable number of attempts (usually 3-4 times), the car can justifiably be called a “lemon”.

Most of the U.S. states have “lemon laws” that require the manufacturers buy back the “lemon cars” either to repair or to replace them. When manufacturers buy back the cars, they repair the repairable ones and send them to the dealerships to be resold. However, it is illegal to resell a previous “lemon vehicle” without disclosing its status of a lemon law buyback. This means that anyone practicing the lemon law buyback nondisclosure fraud will be prosecuted by the law.

Adequate disclosure of the car’s lemon law buyback status involves sticking a car title notification on the car’s windshields, driver’s window or the door itself. The vehicle should bear at least two such notifications. The notifications must be easy to read and notice.

Another way a car purchaser can find out information about the car’s previous life is looking at the “Remarks” section of the purchase document: very often, the car’s title is included here. The buyers should be attentive to read the fine print attentively, as it may be scrawled intentionally and made hard to read.

It is important to note that the law requires the selling party to disclose car title information to the potential buyers independent of the fact whether they ask about it or not.

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