How to avoid a lemon law buyback?

We often hear about lemon law buybacks, resold or reacquired vehicles. They are everywhere but what are they?

Lemon law buyback

This is a vehicle which has been reacquired by the manufacturer because of specified warranty defect(s). According to California Lemon Law, the manufacturer is required by law to buy the car back or replace it after a reasonable number of repair attempts. Upon re-acquiring the vehicle they must request that the California Certificate of Title and registration be marked as ”Lemon Law Buyback”. However, some of them fail to follow these requirements. The result is that the consumers buy a lemon law buyback instead of a used car.

Beware of lemon law buyback

There are many cases when after reacquiring the vehicle the manufacturers replace the defective part and resell it. The facts prove that in some states they require a lemon law buyback designation, whereas in other states they don’t recognize that classification. This is a good opportunity for some manufacturers. There have been cases in U.S. when people have bought these lemon cars as used vehicles without knowing they are lemons.

Such tricks cause to severe injuries because of faulty safety equipments. This phenomenon is known as lemon laundering and is illegal. That is where you need a highly competent lawyer to protect your rights.

How to avoid buying a lemon law buyback?

If you have decided to buy a used car there are a few ways of avoiding a lemon law buyback. Such companies as AutoCheck and CarFax can help you in finding the history of the vehicle. They can provide you with the vehicle history report of that car.  Otherwise, you can turn to the help of an automotive dealer who services that kind of car. They can look for and find the complete history of that car if you give them the vehicle identification number (VIN). This information will be of great help to avoid buying a lemon law buyback. So always be careful when buying a used car.

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