Legal Standards for Proving Dealer Fraud

Auto dealer fraud claims rank among the top 10 of consumer complaints yearly. Generally, an auto dealer fraud is characterized as either an intentional non-disclosure or misrepresentation of unfavorable conditions or car defects. Selling or leasing a car without proper disclosure of known defects or intentionally hiding the defects from the buyer is a typical act of a car dealer fraud. Misrepresentation of financial terms, rolled-back odometer and deceptive advertising are other common scams, practiced by shrewd car dealers.

Federal and state consumer protection laws maintain consumers’ rights who were defrauded by shrew car dealers and legally forbid car dealers from misrepresenting the mechanical condition and terms of warranty of a car. Thus, if you have become the victim of a car dealer fraud, you have the right to make a claim against the auto dealer. To make a successful dealer fraud claim, the victim or more preferably the victim’s attorney must prove that the dealer omitted or misrepresented some important facts which resulted in a financial loss for the victim. There are generally two types of claims one can make against a shrewd dealer: fraudulent and negligent. California consumer protection law allows victims of car dealer fraud to recover damages for both fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation.

If you have sufficient suspicions that you have been defrauded, first and foremost consult an experienced auto dealer fraud attorney. A professional and knowledgeable auto dealer fraud attorney will provide you with solid legal guidance on how to make a valid claim against shrewd car dealers and recover the damages you suffered. For instance, in case of a mechanical defect suspicion, the experienced attorney will have your car thoroughly checked by a skillful mechanic and write a detailed letter on the defects revealed. The findings of the mechanical inspection can serve a ground for suing the dealer for fraud.

Once auto dealer fraud is proven, the victim is entitled to recovery. Depending on the specific circumstances, the victim can get a refund of all sums paid for the car. He/she can also be allowed to cancel any loan balance or obligation. Reimbursement of court and attorney costs are available as well. Additionally, the shameful misconduct of the dealer can result the victim to be awarded with punitive damages.

So, If you have suspect that a car dealer acted fraudulently in recent car purchase or lease, the experienced and knowledgeable auto dealer fraud attorneys at the Margarian Law firm are ready to protect your consumer rights and aggressively pursue the best outcome for you.