Lawyers for Car Dealership Fraud Near Me

Buying a car can be a really stressful experience because you can be tricked by shrewd dealer fraud techniques. There are various types of car dealership fraud practiced by dealers in the car selling process. For instance, the dealer may sell a car that was previously damaged in a car accident without disclosing it to the buyer. Other common dealer fraud includes misrepresenting the actual price of the car in an advertisement. Odometer rollback is also one of the widely practiced tricks by car dealerships. Whatever the fraud, from faulty vehicles to odometer rollback, from false advertising to undisclosed prior accident, an experienced dealer fraud lawyer can help you tackle the problem in compliance with the law.  At this point, a question arises: how to find skillful lawyers for car dealership fraud near me.

Having a knowledgeable dealer fraud lawyer at your side is the most important step one can take forward winning a legal case against shrew dealers. First of all, a skillful dealer fraud attorney will help you determine whether or not your claim is worth pursuing. There a number of tested ways of finding an experienced dealer fraud lawyer nearby.

The first and perhaps the most commonly used way of finding good lawyers for car dealership fraud is getting referrals and recommendations from friends and family members. The chances are high that one of your acquaintances had such an issue previously and knows a good dealer fraud lawyer who can be useful for your case as well. Ask them who they will recommend, for what type of service and whether they were happy with the service or not. If you have lawyers among your acquaintances who are experienced in other than dealership fraud cases, they can also come with good recommendations as they know their colleagues much better.

The second proven way of finding an experienced dealer fraud lawyer nearby is connecting your local bar association for skillful attorneys in your area. Generally, local bar associations have free referral services which can be helpful in finding a lawyer that suits your case. Besides, most bar associations keep public records about complaints or disciplinary actions against lawyers.

And finally, in the era of digitalization more and more people find the internet as the best tool for making research. There are special websites, such as,,, etc., that offer a list of lawyers in your preferred area with free reviews and rating. So, you may choose the category and the area of practice of lawyers, for example, dealer fraud lawyers in California, and see a detailed list with ratings and reviews.

If you have been scammed, defrauded or ripped off by a car dealership in California, the experienced, skillful and qualified dealer fraud lawyers at the Margarian Law firm will make their experience and knowledge work for you at best. We have long and successful experience representing our clients in dealer fraud cases and receiving the best recovery they deserve. Trust your dealer fraud case to our knowledgeable lawyers and we will aggressively and passionately represent your interest against shrew dealers.