The Latest Car Dealer Scams

latest car dealer scams

Not all auto dealers engage in deceptive auto selling practices. However, there are dealers that are professionals in such matters. In order to avoid being a victim of car dealer fraud, you should be aware of the latest car dealer scams. Following are some of them:

  • Advertising add-ons

Some dealers often place the so called dealer addendum sticker on the vehicle. This sticker usually enlists the add-ons that the dealer is going to sell on the buyer. The add-ons may involve the VIN etching kit, paint sealant, alarm system and so on. All these features are usually sold by the dealers, but they should not be sold at exaggerated prices as in most of the cases.

  • The last day scam

 This trick is especially common these days. This is the case when the dealer tells the potential purchaser that a certain rebate or incentive is active only for that special day. The dealer, this way, manipulates the buyer and makes him/her buy the vehicle on the spot without thinking the deal over and considering the pros and cons of buying that vehicle.

  • Selling a previous lemon

Previous lemon vehicles should be sold with proper disclosure on the part of the dealership and the manufacturer as well. No holder of a dealer’s license is allowed by the law to sell previous lemon vehicles without disclosing known facts about the vehicle to the buyer. Lemon cars may involve safety hazards for the drivers and the passengers. These are the cars that possess certain defects and problems. Some dealers, however, neglect the law and sell lemon vehicles in their lots.

  • Financing scam

Actually, dealers may practice various scams depending on the way the buyer chooses to finance his/her purchase. If the buyer has got a high credit score, it is not advisable that he/she turns to the dealer for financing. The buyer should turn to an online money lender or a credit union.

Do a good research to be able to avoid the latest car dealer scams. Be a smart shopper and do not let the dishonest dealer rip you off.