What Do You Know About Car Cloning?

Very frequently, advertisements that offer ‘’ideal’’ deals are fake. Car shoppers should be very cautious when exploring different ads. In most cases, consumers find out that these ‘’excellent ‘’ vehicles have ‘’dark secrets’’. One of these secrets is that the vehicle is stolen. Actually, it is frustrating for any person to discover that you are the owner of a stolen vehicle. Sadly, a huge number of vehicles are stolen every year and it became a profitable ‘’business’’ for many scammers. To help you protect yourself and your loved ones against this car scam, we will discuss car cloning in detail. Keep on reading to learn about the most effective tools for avoiding car cloning.

What is car cloning?

Did you make up your mind to purchase a used vehicle? In this case, you need to be aware of car cloning, which is one of the most common car scams nowadays. car cloning occurs when scammers sell stolen vehicles with the help of VIN from a legally registered car. How do they do it? They simply copy the number of VINs from cars that are at parking lots or dealerships. Later what scammers do is using these copied VINs for changing the ownership documents. They may also make new fake documents. The aim, of course, is to conceal the real identity of the vehicle. So, what does happen when it comes to light that the vehicle’s VIN is fake? As a consequence, consumers who become victims of car cloning, gain a lot of headaches.

It is worth to mention that the police confiscate the vehicle in question. If you purchased the vehicle from a dealership, you may have the opportunity of getting a refund. However, it depends on your state’s laws. If you bought the vehicle from a private seller, the vehicle may become a real nightmare for you. The reason is that in case you took a car loan, you will have to pay it. Furthermore, you may become a part of a criminal investigation. It is also true that this car scam may also cause a lot of problems for those people whose VINs scammers use.

Avoiding car cloning

In fact, the most effective defense against car cloning is taking certain precautions. Here are a few of them:

  • Don’t forget to ask the seller to show you the title. You should examine the vehicle’s title very carefully. Make sure that the VIN on the title matches the VIN in the vehicle.
  • Another essential step is double-checking the paperwork. Don’t hesitate to take a close look at the seller’s name and the VIN mentioned on all the paperwork.
  • You should practice caution whenever dealing with financial offers that seem ‘’flawless.’’ Also, you should keep in mind that sellers may make up various legends to trap unsuspecting buyers. For instance, the seller may tell you that his/her family is facing a huge financial problem. That’s why the vehicle’s price is so affordable.
  • Consider conducting an in-depth research concerning the current vehicle. You can get a detailed vehicle report from different sources, like Carfax.
  • Another valuable tip is asking a trustworthy mechanic to inspect the vehicle prior to purchasing it.

Finally, if you are planning to purchase a used car, avoid dealing with unknown private sellers. Consider buying a used vehicle from a reputable car dealer not to become the victim of car cloning.