Insurance as a Type of Auto Fraud

Insurance as a Type of Auto Fraud

One of the most popular types of fraud today involves auto insurance, particularly in staged auto accidents.  This type of auto fraud have become rather sophisticated to a point where they often involve numerous participants.

Auto accidents sometimes turn to be no accident at all, but a staged production by criminals where you are unknowingly and innocently made an actor. Before you take to the road, learn to recognize auto accident scams to help keep away you and your family from becoming victims.

Don’t Be a Victim

All the time try to drive carefully to help ensure your safety and lessen the probability of having an auto accident. In case you are caught up in an accident, take the following auto fraud prevention measures:

•    Always call the police, regardless of who is at fault or the amount of property damage. Make sure an official police report is filed, even if damage is small. When the report describes the damage to the other car as a “nick” for instance, it helps prevent the other party from collecting damages not resulting from the loss. An exact account of accident details is important when evaluating whether a claim is valid.

•    Count the number of passengers in the other car. If it would be possible, get the name, address and driver license number of all occupants. This helps to prevent paltry lawsuits and claims paid to people who weren’t actually in the car. Take an exact record of what happened for your personal records.

•    Immediately inform your insurance carrier if you are involved in any accident. Maintain the representatives are trained to recognize indicators of fraud and investigate suspicious claims.

If you are a victim of vehicle insurance auto fraud, feel free to contact an experienced Los Angeles car fraud attorney Hovanes Margarian.