Improper Certification of Used Cars

Improper Certification of Used CarsCertified used car program is something that fosters more and more consumers to buy a car. Many manufacturers and dealerships use this program.

Certification of used cars means that a vehicle should pass several inspection stages to be called a certified used car.

The used car certification helps the car buyers feel at ease and more confident when buying a used car, as the certification proves that a car is in good condition, it has no lemon title, no frame or flood damage etc.

Some manufacturers even add certain additional offers to the certified used car.
These offers may be:

  • 3 to 12 month warranty
  • Providing the vehicle history report
  • Quality assurance inspection
  • Even low financing rates, when financing with the dealer.

As you can see, certified used car programs are quite reliable things from the point of view of the consumers, as they prevent them from risks. Of course, such a program charges a little more money than when you bought a non-certified vehicle, but really many people prefer to use this opportunity.

However, this doesn’t mean that the used car certification is always done properly or is done at all. Very often, the dealerships do not conduct proper certification of used cars and they sell these cars as certified vehicles, ripping off the unsuspecting used car buyers. Vehicles with improper certification may have lots of problems in the future and may even damage the owner’s health and life. Thus, it is a violation of law to advertise and sell vehicles as certified, if in reality no car inspection or a poor car inspection has been carried out.

Any used car buyer can avoid being sold a used car certified improperly by just

  • Having the car inspected by an independent auto mechanic
  • Getting the vehicle history report and closely examining it
  • Looking at the used car’s inspection checklist to see which faults/defects have been repaired before the car sales.

If, however, you feel you have been sold a used car certified improperly, contact a good attorney to deal with your case and require remedies for you damages from the dealership.