Honest Auto Dealers

Honest Auto Dealers

Purchasing a car is an important step in a person’s life, as it is the second largest purchase after the house purchase. People want the best cars and the best deals for them and they are sometimes so excited with the idea of having a car of their own, that they do not take into account the factor of dishonest auto dealers. So, really are there honest auto dealers at all?

The answer to this question is “Yes, there ARE honest auto dealers!” However, there are also those who are the masters of aggressive and deceitful practices.

An honest auto dealer is one who preserves business ethics and remains friends with the customer. Honest auto dealers have many repeat customers. As for dishonest ones, they very often, lose customers and turn to real enemies for them. Dishonest dealers practice different auto dealer scams and tricks including non-disclosure of frame damage, non-disclosure of lemon law buybacks, warranty fraud etc.

Thus, car buying meant to be a pleasant event may turn into a real disaster. However, a car customer will be able to avoid being a victim of auto dealer scams by educating himself before entering the dealership.

Following are the basic points the car buyer should consider when buying a car.

  • Search in the web for the car model you would like to buy, or see what is available for this season.
  • Inquire about local car dealerships; see whether they have good or bad reputations. Turn to friends and family members for advice.
  • If you have already entered the dealership and you do not like the salesperson or the manager, or their manners seem odd to you, then just leave.
  • Never let the auto dealer know how much money you can afford to pay for the car. Dishonest auto dealers will always try to benefit from this kind of information.
  • Always ask to test drive the car and also have a mechanic inspect the vehicle, especially if you are apt to buy it.
  • Be careful with the papers. The paperwork is something that should be examined carefully. Also, ask to see the vehicle history reports, any type of documentation connected with the car.
  • Do not fix on one dealership; go to different places, compare the cars, prices, conditions to be able to come to a right final decision.

Remember, there ARE honest auto dealers, but you should be really careful when purchasing a car as there are many dishonest ones as well.