Gray Market Vehicle. Why and How to Avoid Them?

Gray Market Vehicle. Why and How to Avoid Them?

Our dealer fraud site is designed to keep you safe from all kinds of auto frauds and each post is coming to arm you up with knowledge that will help you stand for your rights. Today we will discuss the term of gray market vehicles.

  • What do gray market vehicles mean?

Gray market vehicles (also known as overseas vehicles) are those vehicles which are imported to USA from another country and don’t have express warranty that is valid in the United States.

  • Why to avoid buying gray market vehicles?

If you buy a grey market vehicle the replacement parts, electrical currents, broadcast frequencies, compatible accessories, English instructions and smog certification may be lacking. This will bring a good deal of headaches especially when you decide to sell it.

  • How to avoid buying gray market vehicles?

Usually the vehicles that aren’t made in USA and have the popular trademarks like BMW, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota have all the potentials to be gray market vehicles if they are not bought from an authorized dealership or distributor.

Retailers should disclose a gray market vehicle to the potential buyer. California even requires that gray market vehicles should have a conspicuous sign next to where they are displayed to lessen the cases of dealer fraud.

If you were sold an undisclosed gray market vehicle, then don’t hesitate to contact our fraud attorney because titling gray market vehicles may cost you a good deal of money.