Fraudulent Advertising

Fraudulent AdvertisingIt is not uncommon for a dealer to try to sell you a car that has been wrecked, telling you that it is in great shape. This is what we call fraudulent advertising. Often dealers will sell such cars with the federally required “As Is, No Warranty” sticker on it which means you cannot return the car because you agreed to accept any damages. If you intend to buy an as-is vehicle try to get at least a 30 day warranty from the dealer. Also check the car through CarFax.

Another form of fraudulent advertising occurs online, when car sellers put up ads for a car at a price much lower than similar vehicles. During the purchase process they want you to use an escrow service they recommend. However, it turns out that the escrow company is their own company, and once you wire the money, there is no way to get it back. Avoid this fraud by never using the escrow service recommended by the dealer.

Dealers may advertise that they can get you out of your current lease or loan. However, in reality the dealer pays off your lease or loan, and then adds that amount to your new lease or loan. They then spread out the payments so that you don’t notice you are still paying for your previous car, as well as your new car, and have twice the debt you had before.

If you have been a victim of fraudulent advertising you can turn to Hovanes Margarian, auto dealer fraud attorney at law, for legal help.