odometer rollback fraud

Odometer rollback fraud is the experience of rolling back a vehicle’s odometer so that it shows less mileage. The odometer records the mileage of the car since it has left the factory. It reveals the car’s use. A lower number on the odometer dashboard means that the vehicle has been used little. And a higher number means the car has been used much.

A vehicle with lower mileage on it is considered to be better than one with a higher mileage. Hence, vehicles with lower miles on them are usually sold at much higher prices. That is the reason why many fraudsters roll back an odometer of a high-mileage vehicle to make it look like quite new.

It should be noted that odometer rollback fraud is rather difficult to detect as it rarely leaves any evidence. If you want to find out whether the vehicle’s odometer has been rolled back or not, you need to be extremely attentive. Special attention must be paid to the dashboard of the odometer. If there are screws missing from the dash, then the odometer is most probably rolled back. If the numbers on the dashboard are misaligned, then again, the odometer may have been tampered with.

There are two types of odometers: mechanical and digital ones. Digital odometers may undergo odometer fraud. This time the fraudsters may use special software to alter the mileage reading on the odometer. Digital odometer fraud is much more difficult to detect.

Odometer rollback is not legal. And if the dealer sells you a vehicle without properly disclosing known facts about it, then they should be held responsible for that. If you think you have been sold a car with a rolled back odometer, you should contact a good auto dealer fraud lawyer immediately.