Odometer Rollback Fraud: Tips on how you can avoid it.

Do you want to know what number one dealer fraud type is? You are not mistaken if you are thinking about odometer fraud or odometer rollback. This is a huge process that not only involves tampering with the odometer, but also arranging false documents in such a way as to convince the potential car buyer that the vehicle has either less mileage as compared with the reality, or no mileage at all.

Very often, demo cars or leased cars undergo this kind of fraud for the dealers to be able to sell them under the name of quite new vehicles.

The old mechanical odometer was very easy to roll back. The manufacturers decided to solve this problem by replacing the mechanical odometers by digital ones. However, unfortunately, the digital odometers are easier to tamper with. The fraudulent people only use the special device designed to fix the faulty odometers.

Thus, we can say that the attempt of the manufacturers to eliminate odometer rollback fraud failed.

Despite all this, you can avoid being a victim of such a fraud by following the tips given below:

  • Pay some money to get a vehicle history report either from CarFax or Autocheck. You will be able to review the car’s history and any details concerning its previous life using the car VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).
  • Compare the car mileage reading on the odometer with the one fixed in the vehicle-related documents
  • Ask to see the car’s title
  • Inspect the car visually both from outside and inside
  • Test drive the car and be careful to listen to any unusual or strange noise
  • Examine the odometer carefully. Be attentive to see whether the figures on it are aligned evenly or not.
  • Ask your own mechanic to inspect the vehicle

These were some general tips on how you can avoid odometer rollback fraud. Keep following our blog for more information on car scams and more tips to avoid them.