5 Things to do During any Test Drive

Open your eyes. Now close them. Now open your eyes again. Its right there, the car of your dreams; doesn’t matter if it is a simple Nissan Juke: to help you move around, or a Mitsubishi Grandees: so you can drive your big family with your five kids to the country side, or a Lamborghini: “it is not a car, it is a weapon, sounds like a gunshot and feels like one too” to bring out your inner power.
When deciding on purchasing the best car for yourself you need to do a test drive, it is a must!  Here are five things you have to do during any test drive.

  • Understand what YOU actually need from the car you are about to purchase, take home and care for it like it is your baby. Do you need a micro car? A full-size luxury car? Or a Heavy Duty pickup truck? Understanding your own needs might not be so easy; sometimes our true needs are hidden deep down in our unconscious minds and in a tricky way our past experiences, fancy advertisements and even our peers can have an influence on our decision making. However, the good news is that most of the salespeople are trained to know how to bring out and understand your true needs. Let them help you. Talk to them, answer their questions and be open to their suggestions.
  • “What good is speed without the ability to brake”, Nilesh Rathod once said. Safety has the #1 importance for each of us when we go along our lives; while doing an experimental cooking, jumping on a trampoline, driving a car. Make sure to remember testing the brakes, because speeding is awesome, but has no happy ending without powerful brakes.
  • Now that you understood what is the ideal car for you and have tested the safety you can play a little with the car. Check out the interior; is it comfortable for you? Does it have enough cup holders? Hold the wheel; does the logo of Mercedes Benz go well with your fancy rings and bracelets? Drive the car like it’s already yours; make it shift hard, drive the car on bumpy roads, curvy roads, then drive it on smooth highways. Make sure to REALLY test the car.
  • Take someone with you to the test drive. Now, because you are the driver and you sit in the front, you might not be able to actually see what is happening in the back; are the back seats comfortable? Does the engine make a loud noise in the back? Does the car shake too much when driving on a bumpy road? To fully know the car, you need a view of it from all the angles.
  • And in the end, go beyond the driving experience. It’s not every day that you get the chance to drive your dream car. Take your time and enjoy the experience, run the show. But most importantly, concentrate on the idea of what the car makes you feel. Remember that you deserve the best, so get a car that makes you feel strong, tall and powerful.

Now, as your eyes are open and the dream car of yours is right there, all you need to do for now is take it to a test drive. Search for the hidden needs of yours within. Test the powerful brakes, the uplifting speed, the interior that matches your personality, then listen to your pales advice. In the end, stop for a second and go get your dream.