Auto Dealer Fraud Attorney Near Me

Car dealer fraud may take many forms ranging from misrepresenting the actual price of the car to falsifying straightforward information on the vehicle. There are different types of deceptive business practices that the auto dealer may use to trick you into buying the car. A car history “rollback”, mileage “cleaning”, hiding performance and safety issues are just some of them.

The following listing states the most widespread fraud practices:

  1. Intentional non-disclosure of the actual damage, accident and wear-and-tear history of the vehicle (when the car dealer doesn’t disclose that the vehicle is pre-owned, is a former taxicab, previous rental car, has had a frame and body damage history, etc.).
  2. Falsification of the certification records, thus, selling a car, which has a significant inspection and mechanical issues.
  3. Luring the buyer to a dealership by advertising a certain price for the vehicle and then negotiating a higher price in the actual sales process also constitutes a car dealer fraud.
  4. Fixing an unusually higher price for a previously used or rental car and misleading the buyer that the vehicle is brand-new.
  5. Warranty fraud by dishonoring contractual obligations and not disclosing the exact scope of what warranty covers.

California Auto dealer fraud

Dealers committing fraud in the car sales process and engaging in deceptive car dealer activities may leave themselves open to litigation under California auto dealer fraud law. This involves the deceptive and fraudulent practices that range from marketing the vehicle to hiding essential car-related information.

What sets auto dealer fraud cases apart from Lemon Law cases?

Generally, both these cases involve issues with vehicles. However, auto dealer fraud cases arise when the car dealer employs fraudulent and improper practices and tactics in the actual sale process, whereas Lemon law cases mainly evolve around the problems with the vehicle itself, ipso facto – with the auto defects. You need to be careful when filing for a claim as to which form of fraud exactly affects you and your case.

Auto dealer fraud Attorney

If you believe that your case involves a car dealer fraud and fraudulent practices, you need to contact an experienced auto dealer fraud attorney to initiate your claim immediately, in order to hold the auto dealer entity accountable in a consumer lawsuit.

Proving that the seller has dishonored his contractual obligations and proceeding with the claim can be extremely complex and burdensome, but our law firm with seasoned attorneys and with experienced dealer fraud lawyers will build your case and pursue your claim to an appropriate standard.