Fake Vehicle Escrow Service Scam

Fake Vehicle Escrow Service Scam

One of those ruinous scams that Internet thieves have ever planned for cheating people is becoming stronger and stronger. It is a well-designed means of extorting money from those who are allured by a great deal of getting the car of their dreams through vehicle escrow services which are veiled by a false sense of security. We are now speaking about the fake vehicle escrow scam.

People are at risk to lose more than $10,000 because of such ”great deals”. The main problem, in this case, is the deep belief in fake websites. However, sending thousands of dollars to someone whom you don’t know out of cyber world does not seem sensible as well. Though customers who don’t want to miss the lucky charm risk their money on such great automobile deals and consequently take the leap of faith. Unfortunately, many of them find out that their money has disappeared in the end.

In spite of the work that is carried out by FBI and the Federal Trade Commission the cases of fake vehicle escrow scam increase day by day. Now a number of people have started a campaign against such fake websites because they affect greatly on the reputation of real ones and you can find full disbelief and lack of trust in such websites anywhere.

One of the most interesting facts connected with fake car escrow is that they target not only on new-car sales but on used-car websites as well.

Public warnings about such fake sites still remain unnoticed. A woman from New York had gone as far as wiring the money to an American bank account. But then late at night, she searches for some further information because of sick feeling and she chances upon a story about fake vehicle escrow scam. Fortunately, she manages to get a full refund, but many of you can’t be as lucky as she was.

But not all stories can have such a happy ending. So the main thing that one should remember is to use only reputable escrow websites while having such great deals.