How the Fake Vehicle Escrow Scam Works

How the Fake Vehicle Escrow Scam Works

When examining instances of auto dealer fraud we are able to always give you useful pieces of advice. But the vehicle escrow scam is something not necessarily organized by a dealer, moreover, the vehicle escrow sites are not necessarily representing real dealerships.

The vehicle escrow scam involves advertising vehicles for sale on an eBay or a similar site and then switching the potential buyer onto a fake escrow site to be able to avoid the persecution of the Interpol. The fraudsters then tell the car customers they are out of the country and ask them to send the money via the escrow account they have created. When the money is sent, the car sellers flee as rapidly as they can.

In the present day of developing technologies it is quite easy for a sly cheat to create a fake site in a day or two and to represent himself as a sales manager of a reputable car dealership by posting some vehicle photos in the site.

The tragedy of this all is that more and more people are starting to trust online vehicle sellers and accordingly, more and more people are getting trapped by this type of fraud.

If an online car buyer tries to ask something from the seeming car seller, they will get an answer via email without even their name being mentioned in the letter and with lots of mistakes in the writing (this speaks about the absence of appropriate skills for a car seller and speaks more about a fraudster working there). The seeming car sellers will also sidestep questions concerning details of the reliability of the deal.

After reading the above paragraphs you will ask how to protect yourselves from the vehicle escrow scam.  Here are some simple tips to follow:

  • Do not trust the escrow sites even if they look quite reliable
  • Do not trust e-mail messages sent to you by the seeming car sellers, either
  • Never agree to pay money for a car until you can see it with your own eyes
  • In general, never buy a car without test driving it. A car may look perfect in pictures but it may be a wreck or a salvage vehicle in reality.

In any case, when looking for a vehicle in an eBay, try to remember people’s names, addresses, phone numbers and any other details when contacting with them. This information may help your lawyer find the fraudsters. However, this is not enough, as real professionals will do everything to hide their true contacts.