The Fake Dealer Scam

The fake dealer scam is one of the numerous scams you may become a victim of when purchasing a vehicle. Here is how this scam is designed. You are conducting an online search for a used car and come across with a car for sale at a very good price, you contact the seller and they tell you the car is a fair distance away but they will pay for the cost to ship it to you, they ask you to pay via a wire service they use many times and you never see the money dealer or the cars for sale again.

The dealer scam is clever here as the money wire website they have you use looks just like one you would expect to see, sometimes they look better than the real money wire websites they use the popular brand names on their site to make it look official and make a minor change to the web address which normally goes unnoticed. The money is wired and immediately picked up never to be seen again. The car photos and details are normally copied from local dealers’ websites and the car scam artist poses as one of the dealers.

To avoid this dealer scam, first of all, you should be well informed and attentive. The first warning signal of this scam is the dealers’ offer to ship the car for free, not only they sell the car cheaper than its normal price but also they are willing to foot the bill for shipping. Never trust someone else’s recommendation and never use a money wire service for online payments as they are just not secure enough.

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