Extras and Add-ons: Main Sources of Profit for Dealers


Did the dealer tell you that the bank required customers to buy a service contract if they wanted financing? Car dealers and dealerships make most of their profit from these extras and add-ons such as car alarms, appearance packages, service contracts and extended warranties. This is the main reason why a lot of unscrupulous car dealers trick customers and make them believe that they must purchase one or two accessories to obtain the price quoted by a salesperson or advertisement.

If you shop for a car you should to know that accessories and extras are optional. Remember that reputable dealerships have strict policies against requiring the purchase of any add-ons. If the salesman tells you that the accessories are mandatory, insist on the quoted price without the accessories or simply walk away from the deal. You should also consider contacting the Better Business Bureau and the Department of Consumer Affairs and report the dealership.