New Ebay Car Buying Scams to Watch For

New Ebay Car Buying Scams to Watch For

It never ceases to surprise us how deceitful car scammers are – they seem to continually invent new ways of taking advantage over unsuspicious buyers. Let`s unveil one of the recent car buying scams which buyers may encounter when shopping for a vehicle online.

One of a newly designed car buying scams goes around on Internet resources, especially on eBay. This is the way this scam works. The seller of the car offers a very good deal to entice potential buyer. To blunt buyer`s vigilance the vehicle owner appears to be looking for his interest and offers to insure transaction through a trustful resource, eBay and to deliver vehicle for FREE.

The contacts with vehicle owner are only via email. For whatever reasons he is ALWAYS out of the country or state and is forced to sell his vehicle ASAP. His phone number as a rule doesn`t work or is constantly unavailable.

The next step of this car scam is an offer to provide personal information, buyer`s name, delivery address and phone number. As soon as this information is sent the buyer receives an email which appears to be coming from eBay security department or Transaction Services division (it actually doesn`t exist). For the buyer`s reference Transaction Service ID is provided too. It is stated in the e-mail that funds should be transferred to a certain location via Western Union or similar money transfer service. For better protection eBay representative (!) will hold the funds until the buyer gets his new vehicle safe and sound. Actually eBay can`t be involved in any deals if the sell wasn`t done through it. Unsuspicious buyer sends the money and waits for his car. But as a matter of fact his money has already gone and he can`t get it back transactions via Western Union or similar money transfer systems are immediate and non-cancellable. Scammers know it, that`s why the claim the money to be transferred through them.

In order to protect yourself from such kind of car buying scams you should forward any suspicious emails supposedly from eBay to eBay fraud division. Be careful and don`t be enticed with great deals on car purchase. If they sound too good to be true…they probably are.