Discover Odometer Fraud (1)

Discover Odometer Fraud (1)

Odometer fraud continues to be a serious issue today. More than 450,000 vehicles, according to 2002 NHTSA estimate, are sold each year in US with false odometer readings.
Today almost all modern cars have electronic digital odometers which are supposed to make the tampering with the mileage more difficult. However, it turns out, that electronic odometers are even easier to roll back having a special software. So how can you discover odometer fraud?

  • Check the car history records

Check the used car history report – even though it will not give you a 100% guarantee that the car is perfect, it’s well worth the money spent. The car may turn out to be not even worth a look. A car history report may help you to uncover not only the odometer fraud, but also the potential problems car might have had in the past such as accidents, flood damage, rental use, etc.

  • Have a look under the hood.

There should be a paper record with mileage and date wrapped around some of the A/C lines, if the Airconditioning system has been serviced,
If the timing belt has been replaced, there should be a sticker that states when and at what mileage the timing belt has been replaced.

  • Have a close look at the odometer

If the odometer is mechanical, take a close look at the digits. Are the digits straight? Do the odometer readings actually change when the car is driven? Try to look for fingerprints, scratches or any other signs of odometer fraud under the plastic cover (glass).

These are some of the tips that may help you avoid dealer fraud, however if you are already a victim of dealer fraud, don’t hesitate to contact a dealer fraud attorney in your state.