Dirty Car Dealer Tricks (2)

1. Advertised Special Car: It is one of the car dealer tricks that has been around for many years, that is to advertise a car at a special price that is almost unbelievable. This can be a stripped down model with a standard transmission, perhaps no radio or air conditioning and crank windows. This is the car nobody wants after they see it, but the plan is to advertise the car at a very low price so that customers will come into the dealership. The aim of this trick is to make the car buyers that came to look at the low priced car buy the higher priced car. The chances are in the favor of the dealer.

2. 0% Financing Tease: Car dealers usually make use of this to trick on car buyers and customers as a means of bringing more customers into their dealership. They will advertise 0% car dealer financing and hide the restrictions in fine print so small that it is hard to read.
Such car dealer tricks show that the car dealer has 0% financing on new or used cars in big print and then in a very small paragraph at the bottom of the page that you can hardly read it says: to qualified buyers, with approved credit, for 12 or 24 months. Then the customers come in for 0% dealer financing only to find out that the offer is not good for the car they wanted to buy. The limits are so firm that few people can or want to qualify. Then they work their salesman abilities and sell some cars as people have been talked into buying or they don’t realize that they are paying a regular interest rate based on their credit score.

3. Low Monthly Payment: This is another trick that car dealers use to get car buyers into their showroom. They advertise a low monthly payment on a trendy car that catches the eye of many car buyers. The car buyer heads down to the

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