Detect Used Cars that Had Serious Accidents

Detect Used Cars that Had Serious Accidents

Used cars are perfect for those who either refuse to pay the sticker price on a new vehicle or for whatever reason prefer a worked-in vehicle. However, buying a used car can be risky and may present a danger for the driver’s safety.

If you are going to buy a used car, there are certain non-expert things that you can look at while investigating the car.

Serial number stickers

Serial numbers that do not match or stickers that have obvious signs of tampering are good clues that the parts might have been switched with another vehicle’s because of a damage.

The tires

When inspecting a used vehicle, examine the tires. If they are not from the same manufacturer or are all brand-new, question why. Although in some cases it is possible that used vehicles will come with well-worn tires and the dealer will have no choice but to replace them with new ones, in most cases new tires and new paint are used to mask underlying problems with the vehicle.

The underbody

Take a peek underneath the vehicle. If the underbody is freshly painted, then most likely it has been done to cover up various fixes; no used cars will have a spotless, freshly painted underbody.

The engine bay

Lift the hood and have a look under it. A new radiator/coolant system and a new engine may indicate a front end collision, just as deep scratches and gnashes will. A repainted engine bay is another sign that something is being covered up.

Electrical system

When you take the used cars for a test drive, pay attention to how the speedometer, tachometer, radio and other electrical components operate. If they do not seem to operate properly, then it could be a sign of a serious collision or unauthorized tampering.

While used vehicles are investments that make sense, they do pose some potential dangers to the buyer. So take the time to investigate the items listed above to get a slightly better idea about the car you are going to purchase and avoid becoming a victim of car dealer fraud.

In case you believe that you have already been scammed, turn to car scams attorney in your region! Good luck!