Value Kia Deceptive Advertising

The Pennsylvania Attorney General has recently filed a civil lawsuit against Value Kia located at Essington Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia and the Value Kia located at East Lincoln Highway in Coatesville. In the result, the above-mentioned auto-dealerships have agreed to pay 250-thousand dollars for deceptive advertising and other fraudulent practices.
The investigation revealed that the dealerships made false promises to customers, such as:

“Free Vehicle with any vehicle purchase”.
“Up to $12,000 off new cars”.
“YOU CHOOSE! $1,500 cash with any vehicle purchase or 60″ color projection television just $1 with any vehicle purchase”.

There were also other examples of deceptive advertising that offered consumers a five-carat diamond tennis bracelet, up to 60% off new cars, and free gas for one-full-year with every new and used vehicle sold.
These ads that promised great deals and prizes were very appealing to prospective car buyers. However, the defendants failed to make good on many of the sales incentives. The Car buyers arrived at the dealerships in the expectation to receive the free gifts or deals only to be told that they had to meet a host of conditions to qualify for the offers. Car buyers were able to meet all or even some of the conditions to purchase the cars and trucks as advertised.
The investigation also revealed that the cars the dealership sold defective cars and didnt pay off balances on trade-ins.


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