Deceptive Advertising: AType of Car Dealer Fraud

deceptive advertising

It is unfortunate to consider, but the fact is that the deceptive advertising of automobiles probably began not too long after the very first automobile advertisement itself. Such is the nature of mankind. And philosophical considerations, while helpful on many levels, often do little to satisfy the sense of loss that a consumer feels when he falls a victim to car dealer fraud.

Every day when you get in your car and turn on the radio, you hear an ad for a local car dealership. Every day when you turn on the television, you will see an ad for a new or used car. During these ads, the dealer will offer you all different types of deals and sales gimmicks in an effort to get you to visit their dealership. But as you are doing your research for a vehicle, you should be well aware of the various deceptive ad tricks and different types of car dealer fraud used at the dealership.

The newest trend in dealership advertising in the auto industry is advertising low lease payments on cars. But as a matter of fact, these low lease cars will have you paying more than you normally would. In most cases, the details will point out that payments could potentially be even more than the initial down payment itself! All dealerships are doing, in this case, is making the down payment very cheap. But essentially theyare making the monthly payments quite high, and that can be car dealer fraud and a complete rip-off.

Another common type of car dealer fraud in deceptive dealership advertisement is offering “freebies” with their cars. For example, some dealerships will offer “$100 worth of gas if you go for a test drive”. This is only a ploy to get people in the doors in the first place. They know that people want to get behind the wheel of a new car. Once they are in the new car, they become addicted to that new car smell and feel, therefore making them more likely to buy a car. Even if you do not end up buying a used car, obtaining the gas card is such a hassle that sometimes it is not even worth the headache.

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