Checking Dealers’ Reviews

Checking Dealers’ Reviews

It is not a secret for anyone that car purchasing process is a vital decision. As a smart car shopper, you need to do your homework and conduct a detailed research. This is an efficient way of finding out the valuable piece of information about the dealership.  In order to be aware of the reputation of the car dealer, consumers use different methods. One of the widespread tools is asking family members, friends, and acquaintances about the cars they bought and car dealerships. It is worth to mention that online reviews are gaining a huge popularity nowadays. Actually, before stepping into a dealership, car shoppers check dealers’ reviews.

In this article, we will refer to the most reliable car brands based on consumer reports. Furthermore, we aim to inform you how you can check dealers’ reviews and ratings. Thus, as a result, you can succeed in obtaining a vehicle that doesn’t fall short of your expectations.

 The most reliable auto brands based on consumer reports

Annual auto reliability survey represents the list of the most reliable vehicles. It is essential to point out that based on consumer reports, Toyota and Lexus have leading positions. It goes without saying that these brands are quite mature and offer vehicles of enhanced quality. Toyota is known for utilizing effective methods of making vehicles. It has a quite conservative as well as evolutionary approach. This year Buick earned its place among the 3 best dependable auto brands. The reality is that Buick introduced a few new vehicles. It is possible that this can have a significant influence on the brand performance in the future.

Another interesting fact about this survey is that Subaru dropped out of the top reliable vehicle brands. You are probably wondering, ‘’why? What is the reason behind this change?’’ The reason is that there are certain problems related to the legacy of the sedan and Outback wagon. Now they already have not high, but average reliability. There is good news for Tesla’s Model S lovers, as it has reported a progress in its reliability. This electric car is among the highly recommended models. However, it is also true that Model X SUV, which is its new model has certain issues. The malfunctions of this vehicle include Falcon-wing doors.

Semi-autonomous Autopilot software is typical of both models. Thanks to this software, the owners of this car can enjoy the benefit of having lane position and speed as well.  Thus, this data is very useful for those car buyers who are willing to purchase a reliable vehicle. If you aren’t certain about the level of reliability and dependability that different vehicles offer, take a look at annual reliability survey.

How to check car dealers’  reviews

Are you planning to purchase a vehicle? In this case, you should have a clear idea about the reputation of the dealership. It is logical that no one is eager to purchase a vehicle from an unknown dealer. Purchasing a vehicle from dealers having a bad reputation is full of risks.  At this point, you can end up losing your financial means for gaining a vehicle of little value.  During recent years online dealer rating sites have become inseparable components of car purchasing process. They make this process easier and can serve as a key to protecting yourself and your loved ones from unscrupulous dealers.

Car shoppers can use the largest website:, which has about 1 million user-generated reviews. In addition to that, dealers also have the opportunity of responding to reviews. Here you can dealerships that do care for their reputation and customer relationships. Another worthy reviews website that provides car buyers with valuable data is   It is also worth checking for taking a close look at ratings concerning customer service, quality of repair, overall facilities, etc. As a wise car shopper, you also have the option of contacting either your local Better Business Bureau or the State Attorney General’s Office.  Car buyers can have an access to the dealerships’ entire history of complaints.

In conclusion, feel free to use dealers’ reviews. It can serve as a crucial part of the pre-purchasing research.  Thus, car shoppers can find answers to many of their questions related to the dealerships’ reputation and the quality of their service.