Car Dealer Tricks: Spot Delivery

Car Dealer Tricks: Spot Delivery

Spot delivery usually occurs when a dealership allows a consumer to drive the vehicle home from the dealership even though the sale is not complete. If the customer decides to finance the vehicle at the dealership, the car dealer most often does not get a banks acceptance while the consumer is there at the dealership. Car dealer lets the buyer know that he/she can take the car home while the dealer’s finance department is arranging the financing.

Spot delivery is not illegal in most states. Dealers are well aware of this and use the situation to implement various scams.

One of these auto frauds happens when the dealer asks the car buyer to sign a newly revised contract that has increased the payments. The dealer knows that most of the car buyers will agree to sign a new contract after he/she has grown accustomed to the car, perhaps is proud of the new purchase and has shown it to friends and family. Also, the consumer will probably agree to bring more money for a down payment.

Certain consumer rights statutes may be violated taking into consideration why the dealer got the consumer to come back in. These dealer tactics are also famous as “yo-yo” scams because the dealer sends you out and pulls you back in like a yo-yo.

Keep in mind, that if a dealer can’t manage to obtain financing on the terms previously agreed upon, you can refuse to agree to new terms, and can cancel the deal. In this event, the consumer is entitled to whatever down payment or trade-in vehicle that they gave to the dealership with no amount to be withheld.

Spot delivery is one of the most common car dealer tricks you should be careful not to be a victim of.