Dealer Trick: Only the Final Contract Counts

One of the things that most customers don’t notice is that dealership salesperson continues negotiating till signing the contract. Remember that even if you have clarified all the terms and shaken hands on the deal, the final contract presented to you for signing may be different from what you have agreed. Look thoroughly and you may find out that the terms of the contract are different than those you agreed upon during the long period of negotiations.

Many customers are often mistaken by thinking that the Finance and Insurance (F&I) Department of the dealerships deals with the paperwork only. This is not true. First, the person in the Finance and Insurance (F&I) Department will persuade you to agree with a monthly payment higher than what your credit status requires. After that they will try to sell you some extras. A friendly talk may distract your attention and you will not even notice how the final contract you are signing have some additions.

Be careful not to purchase worthless products such as undercoating, paint sealant, extended warranties, credit and other add-ons.