Forearm Yourself against Dealer Scams

Forearming yourself against dealer scams is the wisest tactic one may use before buying a new or used car. You need some knowledge for making a smart chose. However we all know no one needs a Doctorate for purchasing a car. But that is precisely what the dealerships know and take an educated move to trick you into keeping as much as your hard earned money as they can. So, it is not unreasonable to arm yourself with tricks and tips the dealers use in selling you a car! One of the most hidden secrets of car dealer scams is in the financing.

Here are some critical things to do before you set forth in a dealership.

  • Do some research! Find out what you want, how long you want to finance, know what the new car price quotes are, invoice price, models, equipment etc.
  • Negotiate Price, not payment. You should plan on negotiating, and not the payment.
  • Don’t reveal you have a trade-in. This information shouldn’t be part of the price you are negotiating even though they say it will be. Negotiate the trade-in separately.
  • Arrange your own financing. If the dealer does it, it will cost you much more.
  • Consider buying through other resources. The internet, Craigslist, Ebay, and auto trade magazines. When you buy directly from the seller, you exclude all the middle men that dealerships have to pay.
  • Remember when you buy, you bought it. There are no returns.

Arm yourself with knowledge and avoid dealer scams.

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