Dealer Preparation Fee Fraud and Ways to Avoid It

dealer preparation fee fraud

Are you a new car buyer? If yes, then beware of dealer preparation fee fraud. New car buying is a mere pleasure for most people. However, it may turn into a real disaster with the wrong dealer. The one who is ready to rip you off at every moment.

There was a time when the dealers charged new car buyers with a dealer preparation fee. This was quite normal. The amount ranged from $100-$3000. However, due to the complaints of many car shoppers, the manufacturers began including some additional pay into the MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) of the vehicle. Later on, they called it dealer preparation fee. Also, the manufacturers mention about the dealer preparation fee on the MSRP sticker that the vehicle has. Any time a dealer asks you for a dealer prep fee, you can refuse to pay it.

You should decide whether you want to fall a victim to dealer preparation fee fraud or not. You either pay the fee or you do not. We think there is a need to specify what “dealer preparation” is. Dealer preparation involves making sure that all the fuses are in their places. Similarly, removing plastic covers from the seats, vacuuming the vehicle, performing a quick road test, washing the exterior. This, as you can see, may take 2-3 hours of work. It is clear that the work the dealer performs on your new car is not worth the money they ask.

Unfortunately for car shoppers, dealer preparation fee fraud is rather widespread. Most of the car buyers do not even know that they can simply refuse to pay the money. If you have already paid the dealer a Dealer Preparation Fee Fraud, try to help other people. Enter the website of Better Business Bureau and leave a complaint about your case.  This will help other car shoppers avoid being defrauded in the way you have been.