What to Do if You Bought a Previous Lemon Car

Previous Lemon Car

Each state has its own lemon law which protects consumers who purchase new vehicles. But what about used car buyers: do they have any protection against dealer fraud?

Actually, used car buyers have more chances of dealing with previous lemons than buyers of new cars. But if you bought a previous Lemon, don`t feel hopeless. There are options available to you either.

First of all, check out whether there is used lemon law in your state. If you live in Massachusetts, Hawaii, New Jersey, Rhode Island or New York you are protected by the state lemon law. According to it, a used car is covered by warranty based upon its mileage and age. The dealer is entitled to fix the problem if it occurs during the warranty period. In case if the dealer fails to repair the car after a reasonable number of attempts he is entitled to replace or refund the car. In the states mentioned above, the used car Lemon Law covers only sales of used vehicles, and only New York used car lemon law covers protects owners of leased cars which have faced dealer fraud.

Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, and Maine adopted laws which cover a certain group of used car buyers, but their application is limited with age and mileage of the vehicle.

Consumers who live in the states where used car lemon law is not adopted they can appeal to federal laws. These are Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), the Federal Trade Commission`s (FTC) Used Car Rule. UCC provides that a used vehicle is sold with implied warranty. And if a car owner experiences any problems with the car, a dealer is entitled to fix them. According to FTC Used Car Rule dealers must provide customers with a Buyer`s Guide, i.e. to disclose vehicle history including whether the car is a previous lemon.

Legal Help

If a dealer breaks the federal laws, the consumer has right to file a dealer fraud case against them. To win the case and get a full refund you should enlist the support of a qualified dealer fraud lawyer.