California Dealer Fraud: What should I watch out for? (2)

Dealer Fraud in California

In this article, we will discuss some more examples of  California dealer fraud that you should watch out for. The more you are informed about auto dealer fraud in your state, the better you will be able to avoid becoming a victim of it.

Trade-in Scam

The trade-in scam is rather simple; the buyer calls the dealer to see what they can offer for his/her trade-in vehicle and the salesperson offers an attractive deal to the buyer, asking them to bring the vehicle into the dealership. However, as soon as you bring the vehicle there, they inform you they cannot offer you the deal they were offering during the phone conversation. This is a common trick to lure the potential buyer into the showroom. The thing is as soon as a car shopper is in the dealership; he/she may be rather easily manipulated into a deal with terms less profitable for him/her.

One can avoid this scam just by visiting several dealerships to get familiar with the terms they offer. Comparing the services offered by different dealerships will provide you with the chance of making wiser decisions. Learn more about trade-in scams by reading our article: HOW TO AVOID AUTO DEALER TRADE-IN SCAMS

Contract “Mistakes”

The dealer may make some “mistakes” in the contract. Such “mistakes” are always to the dealer’s advantage. In order to avoid this kind of scams, you need to review the paperwork before you sign it. Make sure, all the information is correct there; otherwise, you will not be able to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

Dealer Stickers

Sticking confusing dealer stickers on a vehicle is another common example of dealer fraud in California. The scam scenario is the following; the dealer sticks the so called dealer sticker near the MSRP of the vehicle. Most of the charges listed on that sticker are fabricated by the dealer himself. Other charges may involve charges for fabric protection or alarm system.

In order to avoid this trick, you just need to refuse to pay for unnecessary add-ons. And remember, you can leave the dealership any time you feel uncomfortable about paying the charges posed by the salespeople.

These are some more examples of  California dealer fraud . If you think you have been the victim of any of them, you should contact a skilled auto dealer fraud lawyer for legal help. The Margarian Law Firm is a California based law firm that handles similar cases. The Margarian Law Firm will try to help you recover your losses due to dealer fraud.