Dealer Fraud: Frame Damage Non-disclosure as a Stop Sign for You

frame damage non disclosure

The number of new and used cars sold in this country yearly is huge. Many of these cars appear to have either minor body damage or frame damage which is a really serious problem. Cars with frame damage can cost human lives. You will wonder why people sell these cars then. Auto dealers sell them because they bring high profits. Dealerships sell such cars with non-disclosure of frame damage. If they disclose facts about the car’s real condition, nobody will buy them. Especially those people who have families and simply those who appreciate their lives more than the money factor.

Such practices are unlawful and dealers who sell cars with non-disclosure of frame damage have to face certain liabilities. There are many areas of law that deal with these liabilities. For example, Fraud, Consumer Fraud, Breach of Warranty, Lemon law for used and new cars etc.

If the dealer knows about the car’s frame damage and doesn’t tell the buyer about it, then he intentionally conceals the car safety-related information. This is liability to disregard when the dealer intentionally sells a wrecked or damaged car without taking into consideration that a human life is at risk.

The dealer must provide every kind of car-related information

We should also note that the dealer must provide every kind of car-related information independent of the fact whether the consumer asked about it or not.

A dealership can be sued also if they have not provided proper information i.e. they have misrepresented the vehicle’s condition. Very often, dealers also, do not have proper information whether the vehicle has frame damage or not. For example, the dealership will assure the customer the car is in a great condition, but later on, it may turn out to be a wreck. This is a typical example of misrepresentation. even if the dealer himself did not know about the frame damage. Dealerships must always provide accurate information to their clients.

The concept of dealer liability is very complex and it is very often affected by such aspects as warranties, “as is” disclaimers or other contracts. If a car dealership has sold you a car with non-disclosure of frame damage, then feel free to call us at (818) 553-1000 for a FREE legal consultation.