California Dealer Fraud: What should I watch out for? (1)

Dealer Fraud in California

Auto dealers must ensure proper disclosure of vehicle safety-related information to the potential buyer prior to selling the vehicle. However, the fact is that not all the auto dealers are honest enough to disclose all known facts about a vehicle. Dealer fraud in California is rather a common thing these days. Hence, we will describe a few fraud scenarios to you, so as you can easily detect what we call auto dealer scams or tricks.

Lying about minor Things

Some dealers use to lie about such minor things as car color, add-ons and so on. For example, a dealer may tell you that the price you see on the car is a one-day-price. It means that if you do not sign a purchase contract that same day, the car will no longer be available at that price. The only way to avoid being forced into a deal is being patient. Take your time and do not rush into a deal.

Playing with your hot Buttons

As soon as the dealer finds out what your hot buttons are, he/she will make use of them. For example, if they feel that you want lower monthly payments, they will prolong the payment period. This way you will feel as if you are paying quite low monthly payments. One way to avoid such a common type of auto dealer fraud in California, one should consider all the details of a car deal. Ask questions and if you do not get proper answers to them, be ready to leave the showroom.

Bait and Switch

This is a common practice used to lure car shoppers into the dealerships using local advertisements of dream cars and then switching potential buyers onto completely different cars that cost more and that may be of inferior quality. One way to avoid this scam is to call the dealership before you visit them and inquire whether the model in the advertisement is available at that moment or not.

These are some auto dealer fraud examples in California. If you live in this state and you think you have been cheated by the dealer, you can contact the Margarian Law Firm in California for legal help. Mr. Margarian is an experienced auto dealer fraud and Lemon Law lawyer who has won hundreds of dealer fraud cases. Initial consultations are free, call the Margarian Law Firm today at (818) 553-1000.