Anatomy of Auto Fraud: Dealer Prep

Auto FraudAfter buying a car at the auction or taking it in on trade, the Dealer usually sends the car to the service department to have a safety inspection done, including checking the brakes, changing the fluid, etc.

Before buying a car, many customers will pull the oil or transmission dipsticks to check the fluid. If the fluid has a peculiar smell or is discolored, it can tip the customer off to vehicle problems that are easily concealed by merely changing the fluid. Of course, the car is cleaned out with no traces of auto fraud. Warranty booklet is removed as well as any other documents that can reveal the prior owner’s name and address, which makes it difficult for the customer to call the prior owner up and find out more information about the vehicle and its price. If the car is a former rental vehicle, the dealer usually will remove all rental company stickers, since most customers would avoid such a car or insist on an additional discount. A quick wash and maybe a wax, and the car is moved out onto the lot.

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