Curbstoning Car Dealer Scam: How to avoid it?

Curbstoning Car Dealer Scam: How to avoid it?

Curbstoning is quite a common car dealer scam and like other dealer scams and tricks it is used to cheat vehicle buyers. Curbstoning is the practice of car dealers selling cars pretending to be private sellers.

The dealers usually park the cars on sale near the curbs of the streets, that’s the reason why the scam is called “curbstoning”. However, parking the car in the street and pretending to be a private seller is not yet the full story. The car dealers register in eBays and again pretend to be private sellers trying to sell their used cars.

You will ask what makes the dealers do such a thing. The answer is that most of the cars being sold in such a way are previously damaged, flooded or wrecked cars that usually bear salvage titles and that are rather risky for human lives.

Very often, when people go to a private seller, they already realize the fact that the used car may have suffered minor damages and that it may have some wear and tear on it. These people are seldom supposed to ask to be shown vehicle history reports or similar documents. The dealers practicing the dealer scam of curbstoning are very well aware of this. So they use this fact to ensure the smooth flow of  negotiations.

To be able to avoid being a victim of this dealer scam you should:

  • Avoid buying a car form a private seller. Better buy it form a well-known car dealership.
  • Take the car to your mechanic for an inspection. If the seller refuses to let you take the car, then he is hiding something.
  • Use CarFax or similar reports to check the car’s history.
  • Read all the documents carefully and have the copies of them all.
  • Never ever buy cars online.

Curbstoning is a scam rather difficult to detect and avoid. Always do your research before buying either a new or a used vehicle.