The Curbstoning Auto Scam

The Curbstoning Auto Scam

Curbstoning relate to car dealers who try to avoid the law by selling their vehicles on the street, by pretending to be private sellers. In curbstoning auto scam dishonest car dealers use curbstoning as a means of bypassing  their state laws which govern the sale of cars.

Inferior Cars

Car dealers usually use curbstoning auto scam in order to offload the type of vehicle they would resist to sell through their dealership. There will be several cars for sale in the same place, often parked along the curb, hence the name ‘curbstoners’. Typically, these cars will be ones with problems, that are hard for the dealers to sell through their official businesses. Moreover, cars bought at the roadside may have had their clocks rolled back (odometer fraud).

Internet Stoning

Popular Internet sites  are popular with curbstoners. This is because they often afford the seller a great deal of anonymity, making it difficult for disgruntled purchasers, and government agencies alike, to track them down. Advertisements on Internet for lemon autos permit the scammer to utilize a few different techniques in order to increase their chances of selling their vehicles. Another tactic in online sales is affinity fraud.

How to Avoid Curbstoning Auto Scam

Though there are laws that prohibit curbstoning, they are rarely enforced or prosecuted. Hence, watchfulness is the key if you wish to avoid buying a car that –
•    has it’s odometer rolled back
•    has been damaged
•    has someone’s credit outstanding on it
•    has been designated as being for export only

Check the seller’s identity, get any guarantees or representations in writing and, if possible, take it to the mechanic to examine it in advance.