CrossBlue Concept Car – VW’s Return to Prominence

Volkswagen has a daring new mid-size sports utility vehicle with a V-6. Equipped with electric powered motors, the SUV boasts really good gas mileage along with its spritely 0 to 60 MPH under 6 seconds. In fact, it’s called CrossBlue Concept Car, and the concept car is turning heads in car shows from here to eternity. It’s a sporty entry for the fabled pioneer of the small automobile. The assignment to build the latest model car from VW will go to either one of their plants in Mexico or Tennessee.

The CrossBlue crossover vehicle has been getting a lot of press due in no small part to the concept car’s appearance at car shows in Shanghai, Detroit, and Los Angeles. It’s a hybrid that while only managing a somewhat disappointing 13 miles of use on its rechargeable electric battery mode, is still a concept that should be vigorously supported by Green-minded consumers.

CrossBlue Concept Car

In fact, the prototype, CrossBlue is a showpiece for the European automobile company’s latest designs. The manufacturer is positioning the prototype’s Modular Transverse Matrix automotive technology as a new platform for gas and diesel vehicles.

CrossBlue Concept Car

In fact, the 2015 VW E-Golf car is here if you are in search of style, performance, and fuel economy. Just what is it about crossover vehicles that have drivers the world over simply gaga over them?

One reason could be that the economy and the environment make auto designers go Green.

CrossBlue Concept Car

Is CrossBlue the answer to motorists’ craving for style while still driving more Green and responsibly? Ja! So, what is Volkswagen waiting for and why doesn’t it just begin production on what is obviously their baby already?

As one might have heard, sales over at VW haven’t been all wine and roses lately. Can it be that the good folks over at Volkswagen are losing their mojo a bit? That would be clearly a no-no in the competitive world of automotive sales and manufacture.

As a matter of fact, Volkswagen is such an iconic brand. And the market will decide whether the manufacturer has better success with its CrossBlue Concept Car.