Craiglist Car Buying Scams

Craiglist Car Buying Scams

Craiglist is a great marketplace for everything from toys and electronics to real estate and vehicles. While searching for a car through Craiglist you must learn how to spot the signs that indicate car buying scams.

Scammers often advertise low prices on their vehicles in order to draw the attention of a large number of consumers seems like an excellent deal. Never be enticed by such kind of ads, approach them with the scepticism. Always check NADA Guides or Kelley Blue Book to familiarise yourself with actual prices of the car models you`re interested in.

One of car buying scams that may catch you by surprise on Craiglist is associated with mentioning eBay services. Scammers very often use eBay`s name to assure the customer that their deal is protected by widely recognised brand. As the matter of fact, eBay has no authority to protect any transactions which are performed on Craiglist. Consumers who believed the scammer and proceeded to payment actually won`t get any vehicle. Those who have been scammed this way must immediately contact law enforcement.

Very often car dealer uses Craiglist to find customers for their vehicles posing as private sellers. It is done in order not to comply with rules of selling used vehicles. According to Used Car Rule issued by the Federal Trade Commission dealers are entitled to provide customers with Buyer Guide which gives a great deal of information. Buying a vehicle from a private seller differs from purchasing from a used car dealer. Used Car Rule doesn`t apply to private individual and his car is sold «as is».

In order to avoid one of the car buying scams practised by fraudulent dealer customers should run vehicle history of the car, they`re going to buy. Vehicle history given by a seller should not be trusted. Ask the seller for official identification. Check the driver license and make sure that seller`s name and address corresponds to those on the bill of sale. Never trust the seller to handle registration documents for you.

If you have detected this scam report it to the appropriate agency in your state. Selling cars as a private individual is illegal and the fraudulent dealers shouldn`t evade penalty.