Contingency Lawyer for Auto Dealer Fraud Cases

Auto dealer fraud cases are numerous. They include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Odometer fraud or odometer rollback
  • Non-disclosure of frame damage, previous wrecked car, or previous “lemon law” buyback
  • Non-disclosure of previous taxi or demo use of the vehicle, etc.
  • Car Advertisement fraud or “Bait and Switch”
  • Warranty Fraud (Extended warranty and service contact fraud)
  • Car Lease Fraud
  • Trade-in fraud
  • Car Finance fraud (credit score fraud)

Some dealers are so familiar with these types of fraud that they easily cheat hundreds of car customers yearly. Unfortunately, very often people do not even notice they have been a victim of dealer fraud.

An auto dealer fraud attorney is the person who will help you if you feel you have been deceived and ripped off by the dealer and the sales manager. The field of automotive law is very complicated. Attorneys who “do-it-all” often do not get the most out of the case for thier clients or just ruin the case altogether. Make sure to hire an attorney who deals EXCLUSIVELY with automotive related legal matters to get the most out of your case in a timely manner.

When looking for an attorney try to find those who will take your case on contingency bases. Hiring a contingency lawyer for auto dealer fraud cases will help you get two benefits. First, you hire an attorney without any out of pocket costs to you. Second, you hire an attorney who is more likely to know what he/she is doing and is willing to take the risk along with you. Some hourly charging attorneys may not be as motivated to work hard on your case since they get paid regardless of the case outcome. In addition, dealer fraud laws often require that the defendant car dealership pays attorney fees in additon to your refund and loss. This means that you get all or near all of your money back without paying a percentage fee to an attorney. (Excetions to percentage-based cash settlements apply, but those are very rare!)

Hovanes Margarian is an experienced attorney exclusively practicing in the field of auto dealer fraud and the California lemon law. In addition, all such cases are taken on contingency bases. It is hard to find a contingency lawyer for auto dealer fraud cases, and it is even harder to find an experienced attorney in the field. A contingency fee based agreement is a good way of motivating the lawyers to win the case and it is also a convenient choice for those car buyers who cannot afford paying huge attorney fees. The Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian offer a free phone consultation to evaluate your case. To get your refund back, call the office today at 818-990-0418.