odometer tampering

It’s incredible to think that billions of dollars are bilked from unsuspecting used car buyers annually. This is the unlawful practice known as odometer tampering. It’s not just a misdemeanor, it is a felony in all 50 US states including California.

There is a wise old saying that says not to overlook anything because it’s old. And likewise, don’t approve anything simply because it is new. The automobile industry could have saved an awful lot of consumers. A great deal of money and headaches adhered to it.

Instead, they replaced the older analog odometers of yore with new digital technology. It may be true that digital odometers are more accurate than their mechanical predecessors. But unfortunately, as it turns out, they are also even more susceptible to manipulation by dishonest used auto sellers than the analog variety.

Gadgets can be easily purchased online to roll back the mileage on just about any vehicle that sports a digital odometer. For the growing number of consumers, it can become a real nightmare. They often end up paying thousands of dollars for such cars.

Due to this dishonest practice of odometer tampering, car buyers regularly spend a much higher amount than those vehicles were truly worth. Because the farther a car has been driven, the smaller its resale value becomes.

Hence the dastardly motives behind these disgraceful actions of criminals as they routinely fleece consumers. Will the used car buyer ever be able to relax their vigilance and suspicions towards car sellers? No, not really. Buyers must not jump headlong into the purchase of any vehicle without consulting a company like CARFAX.

That’s a company that can save you a lot of dough by informing you via their Vehicle History Report. It uses the Vehicle ID to scout out digital records of mileage. These records may exist online from past repair work. Or from other records that may be out there of the vehicle’s past mileage.

Legal Help

Customers who have suffered from odometer fraud can get a legal remedy, just contact a dealer fraud lawyer Hovanes Margarian and claim your free consultation.