Auto Fraud Cases: Add-On Concealment

Auto Fraud Cases: Add-On Concealment

Sitting across from a car salesman while purchasing a vehicle is one of the most frustrating processes an average customer goes through. And what makes things even worse is the fact that so many people are just completely unprepared for this type of situation. Car dealers around the country are completely aware of this, and they use this knowledge sometimes to take advantage of the customer. Obviously, most car dealerships out there are legit and honest, but some of them are very sneaky and practice fraud cases to get more out of the consumers. Let’s try to unveil add-on concealment, a type of dealer fraud people report most often.

Add-on products, such as extended warranties, prepaid service programs, etc., are a source of exorbitant profits to car dealership. That`s why a car salesman will try to foist off them on the customer by all means.

When the customer has already chosen the car and arranged its price, he “melts” and often becomes a desirable target for car dealer, which won`t lose a chance to sell overpriced add-ons. Suggestions like “it will cost only $15 dollars more per month” may entice the customer but the real cost of added services or equipment will be much higher and he will have to pay few thousands more than initially planned to spend on that new car.

You`re facing add-on concealment auto fraud when car dealer imposes certain optional add-ons during the negotiation process or includes them in the final prices of the vehicle without disclosure.

In order to disclose dealer fraud and not to fall to dealer`s trap the customer should review each product independently, make sure if it is really useful and only after that give his consent to extra payments.

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