Most Common Car Sales Tactics

Most Common Car Sales Tactics

This article on common car sales tactics will be a sort of a conclusion to the previous series of articles on auto dealer tricks and sales tactics.

As you already know, it is not an easy task to buy a car, as you may be cheated in various aspects like in car price, about frame damage and so on. To help you become better-informed car consumers, we have decided to tell you in more detail what are common car sales tactics like and which are the auto dealer tricks you should be especially aware about.

Knowledge is power and the auto dealers use their knowledge of human psychology in their dirty tricks and scams. A dealer knows which factors may influence the decision of the actual buyer.

For example, if the buyer is a single lady, they will certainly stress the safety factor of the car. Young women usually fix on such unnecessary things as additional options, interior design, colour, roominess. The dealer knows all this and uses this information while practising his common car sales tactics and auto dealer tricks.

A single guy, on the other hand, will fix on the car’s condition, engine power. He may also be obsessed with a certain car model like Audi. Here again, the dealer, knowing all the characteristics of a young male buyer, will be able to push his common car sales tactics forward.

The dealer’s work becomes harder with couples of married people. However, they know these people’s habits as well. In the case of younger couples, the dealer is sure they will be fixing their attention and give preference to rebates and savings that are available. Such people usually want to save more than the other car consumer types. Another one of the auto dealer tricks is offering certain car types to couples who are planning to enlarge their families.

The dealers also know that sometimes it is the wife who decides whether to buy the car or not, so he will use such auto dealer tricks that will specifically influence the wife’s decisions.

The worst thing, however, for the dealer is to be forced to deal with friends (two or more). In any such group, someone will try to make a ‘hero’ by either trying to reduce the car price while negotiations or finding some pitfalls and drawbacks with the dealership.

As you can see from the examples given, it is very advisable to go to a dealership with several good friends who will certainly be more objective while evaluating the car deal than you would be. Taking friends with you is one way to avoid common car sales tactics of a dishonest dealer.