Common Car Dealer Tricks

Common Car Dealer Tricks

Have you ever come to describe your car dealer as an honest and trustworthy person? I guess no because dealer tricks are so called “treasures of their profession”.

To avoid car dealer fraud you should first of all recognize those tricks which may seem quite kind and humanistic from the first sight.

  • “I have got a car for you”

You should know that there is a huge difference between buying a car and being sold a car. In the first case your purchase is on your terms, in the second case that sweet-talking man controls over every next step. To avoid this kind of dealer tricks you should take time to analyze the market to know for sure what you want and how much you can afford.

  • “This car is meant for you”

Dealers rush to benefit from your emotional “vulnerability”,while you’re at the height of emotions, experiencing your first car purchasing process. Every kind of flattery shouldn’t have an influence on your decision. “You look hot behind the wheel” or “This car is meant for you” expressions are just dealer tricks. Buying a car is not like buying a shirt, when saleswoman’s flirting smile may persuade you. Before looking hot in the car you should first of all feel comfortable in it.

  • ” You can’t get this price in the market for the second time”

This is another dealer trick that prevents you from doing proper market analysis. He doesn’t want to lose you as a client, does he? So there is no point in telling you that all cars of that kind have the same prices. If you are clever enough then you’ll draw right conclusions and avoid car dealer fraud if not then you’ll try to persuade everybody (you included) that your car is simply a better one.

  • “This car was owned by an old man driving from time to time for pleasure”

Spend some time with different car dealers and you’ll surprisingly find out ”that it is only elderly people who have got a car to sell”. Never believe these words, if you’re buying a pre-owned car. Make sure your trusted mechanic looks it over and don’t forget to order car history. These steps are essential if you don’t want to become the victim of dealer tricks.

These are only some of dealer tricks that are easy to identify, so read on our blog and get familiar with tips that will help you avoid car dealer fraud.

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